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Walking Along Raffles Hotel

Met up with Karen for a wonderful afternoon in Raffles City. It’s impossible to meet her for an hour. A two hour meet up is already a rush.

I went on to buy some groceries and was given two free tomatoes.

I went to buy a cup of fruit juice and was given a free slice of honeydew melon.

I went to buy some vintage photos and was given a free pick!

Must be the positive energy from Karen rubbing off me!

Picture was taken on iPhone beside Raffles Hotel, on the way to the National Library.

Other Information on Raffles Hotel:

Do you know that Raffles Hotel first open as a 10-room hotel in 1887? If you are interested in the history of Raffles Hotel, go to www.raffles.com.

More history snippets rom Singapore Infopedia:

Raffles Hotel began as Beach House, a private home built in the early 1830s by Robert Scott, a descendant of Sir Walter Scott. In 1878, Dr Charles Emmerson leased the building and opened Emmerson’s Hotel. After his sudden death in 1883, the hotel closed and the Raffles Boarding School took up tenancy until its expiry in September 1887.

The Armenian Sarkies brothers, Tigran, Aviet and Arshak, already established hoteliers at the time, then leased Beach House from its owner, the wealthy Arab merchant Syed Mohamed Alsagoff, and announced their intention to turn it into a hotel offering fine accommodation and cuisine. Thus on 1 December 1887, Raffles Hotel commenced operations as a 10-room hotel. While the facilities in its early years were still under development, its prime sea-front location near town made it very popular with European residents and travellers.

Building and development
Under the Sarkies brothers, Raffles Hotel grew as a ……



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