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Forced Abortions

I was chatting with my foot reflexotogy therapist in China when she related to me about forced abortions in China.I have read about forced abortions but have not actually spoken anyone who has witnessed it.

She has witnessed how her sister-in-law was forced fed with drugs to abort her 8-month old fetus. I don’t really want to relate the rest of our conversation here. On a brighter note, the Chinese Government in her province is now more relax with the one-child policy and you could get away with a fine for your second or even third child. Selective Procreation? I guess money don’t just buy LV bags in China.

Picture of 3 year old Mai Mai in China Fujian.

2012 Zann Kwan

Article on Forced Abortion of Chinese Babies in New York Times

“BEIJING — The woman who was forced to undergo a grisly late-term abortion in northwest China, an action that prompted a broad public outcry over family planning policy, will receive a cash settlement from the local government, her husband said Wednesday.

The authorities have already fired two officials, sanctioned five more and issued a formal apology in the case, a measure of the impact of the furor channeled on the Internet.

“We want to return to our home and move on with our life,” said the husband, Deng Jiyuan. “This was a tragedy, but life has to continue.” He said the local government agreed to pay $11,200.

Mr. Deng’s wife, Feng Jianmei, was seven months pregnant when she was forced to undergo the abortion by chemical injection because the family could not afford the fine for having a second child. China limits ethnic Chinese families to one child, but the local authorities often allow a second if a fine is paid.

A picture of Ms. Feng, lying bloody and ……



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